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Legal Tune Up can help remove eligible criminal records from CCAP

CCAP is Wisconsin Circuit Courts’ online public records database known as Consolidated Court Automation Program.

How Can the Tool Help?

The Importance of Accurate Records

Removing eligible criminal records can have a positive impact for people and their families.

What Criminal Records May Be Removed from CCAP?

In Wisconsin, records eligible for removal from the Wisconsin Circuit Courts’ online public records database (CCAP) are those:

Why Clean Up Your Records?

“Adverse online information can be a huge barrier for people who did no wrong, or were found not guilty or had the charges dismissed,” according to Ray Dall’Osto, a defense attorney at Gimbel Reilly Guerin & Brown. “Their opportunity for employment, housing and credit can be and is severely impacted when people look on CCAP and see this information, even when a case is dismissed.”

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