Legal Tune Up

A revolutionary tool that helps you understand your legal needs and matches you to help.

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New Updates to the Online Legal Tune Up for Smartphones and Computers

The Legal Tune Up can make it easy to identify and clear civil legal problems on your own, or with help from trusted professionals.

How Does it Work?

The Legal Tune Up:

Employment and Training

Within the Legal Tune Up, people can request free personalized employment and training assistance. You can:

How do I Start My Legal Tune Up?

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Future Legal Tune Up Features

Using similar innovative technology, additional features will support driver’s license reinstatement and child support payment adjustments. When fully built out, the Legal Tune Up will connect participants to legal services and to programs and community resources to facilitate better jobs, housing, and healthcare.

Theory and Principle, a legal technology product design and development firm based in Portland, Maine designed the tool.

App News

LIFT Dane Launches Free Legal Tune Up Tool
March 10, 2021
LIFT Dane announces the launch of its free web-based app, the Legal Tune Up. The new app is a unique offering because it allows Wisconsin residents the ability to access publicly available data to identify legal issues that they might not even be aware of, and automates the resolution of those issues on their own, or with help from trusted professionals.
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LawSites Tech Journal covers Legal Tune Up tool launch
March 10, 2021
LawSites, a web journal that tracks technology and innovation in the legal profession, has a new article on the launch of LIFT Dane's Legal Tune Up App.
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