LIFT Dane Launches Online Legal Tune Up for Smartphones and Computers

LIFT Dane has recently launched its Legal Tune Up tool. The Legal Tune Up can make it easy to identify and clear civil legal problems on your own, or with help from trusted professionals.

How Does it Work?

The Legal Tune Up:

Removing Eligible Criminal Records and Dismissed Eviction Records

The Legal Tune Up can help remove old eviction records and criminal records from Wisconsin’s online public records database known as Consolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP).

How Can the Tool Help?
What Can be Removed?
Criminal Records

Online court records of misdemeanor, felony, and small claims cases displayed on CCAP can be removed after two years from disposition if charges were not pursued and no counts were read into the record, the case was dismissed, or the individual was acquitted.

Eviction Records

Eviction records are supposed to be removed from the state records after two years in situations where a case was dismissed, and there is no monetary judgement in the court record. Sometimes this does not happen automatically, so LIFT Dane can help.

Why Clean Up Your Records?

“Adverse online information can be a huge barrier for people who did no wrong, or were found not guilty or had the charges dismissed,” according to Ray Dall’Osto, a defense attorneyat Gimbel Reilly Guerin & Brown. “Their opportunity for employment, housing and credit can be and is severely impacted when people look on CCAP and see this information, even when a case is dismissed.”

How do I Start My Legal Tune Up?

Employment Assistance and Job Training Help Have Been Added to the LegalTune Up

The Legal Tune Up tool now directs people to employment and job training services.

Within the Online Legal Tune Up, you can:

Watch the Video to See a Short Demonstration

Future App Features

Using similar innovative technology, additional features will support driver’s license reinstatement and child support payment adjustments. When fully built out, the Legal Tune Up will connect participants to legal services and to programs and community resources to facilitate better jobs, housing, and healthcare.

Theory and Principle, a legal technology product design and development firm based in Portland, Maine designed the tool.

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