Criminal Records removal with Legal Tune Up App

August 5, 2020

Do You Have a Wisconsin Criminal Record that is Preventing You from Moving Forward with Your Life?

Are employers and landlords using your criminal record to prevent you from finding a good paying job and affordable housing?


LIFT Dane’s free Legal Tune Up can help you check if you can have any criminal case information removed from your record.


What is it?

The Legal Tune Up is a new web-based computer app that can help you determine if criminal cases that you previously won can be eliminated from your record. By removing these irrelevant records, you can prevent employers and landlords from seeing criminal cases in your record that are not correct.


What can it do?

With your smartphone, computer, or tablet, the LIFT Dane Tune Up will pull publicly-available records that will show you if there are any criminal cases that can be removed from your record. You will be guided, step-by-step through the records so you can see what can be removed, and it can help fill out forms that can be sent automatically to the appropriate court. If you need more help, the LIFT Dane Legal Tune Up will also guide you to a free attorney who can review your criminal record for you and provide knowledgeable advice.



Watch for the LIFT Dane Legal Tune Up app launching soon from LIFT Dane!