Corrections and Re-entry Programs


A Fidelity Bond provides insurance protection for employers against dishonest acts by employees such as theft, embezzlement, and vandalism.  By decreasing the risk to employers, the Fidelity Bond also increases the job seekers' chances of being hired despite blemishes on their record.

The employer or job applicant must contact the nearest Wisconsin Job Center. Call (888) 258-9966 or see this list of Wisconsin Job Center locations. The applicant must first visit and register with the Job Center. Other than this registration, there are no papers to be completed by the job applicant or the employer in order for the bond to be issued.

The applicant must receive a job offer and the employer must schedule a date to start work before a bond can be issued. The Job Center will contact the local bonding representative who will submit the proper paper work to Job Service (central office).

Open to all employers or any person who has been denied employment due to conviction record, credit risk, illegal drug use, or dishonorable discharge from the military.
Dane County Job Center Reception Desk (Select Option 2)

Re-Entry FoodShare Employment & Training Program

A Case Manager focuses on helping Re-Entry participants address their employment and training needs through services and referrals focusing on motivation/life skills activities, employment search, and employer based skills training activities.

FoodShare recipients referred by Just Dane (formerly MUM)
Bill Stahl
Dane County Job Center, 1819 Aberg Ave. Madison, WI 53704

Windows to Work

Windows to Work (W2W) provides re-entry tools, support and career coaching services to incarcerated individuals beginning 3-9 months prior to release and for approximately one year post-release.

Referrals must come from the Department of Corrections.
Wendy Tougas - Oakhill
Ezi Adesi � Fox Lake
Dane County Job Center, 1819 Aberg Ave. Madison, WI 54704