Jobs, Training, and Unemployment

ACCESS Wisconsin

ACCESS connects you with the help you need when you need it. Need help getting health care coverage, paying forgroceries or child care costs, finding a job, or building your career skills?

 With ACCESS, you can apply for and manage your state of Wisconsin benefits and programs in one place, at any time.

Bilingual Job Seeker Services (Spanish/English)

Bilingual staff is available to provide bilingual assistance to Spanish speaking job seekers.  Some workshops are presented in both English and Spanish.

Open to all individuals.
Dane County Job Center Reception Desk (Select Option #2)
Dane County Job Center, 1819 Aberg Ave. Madison WI 53704

Career Counseling

Individual assistance is available in career planning, problem solving, and organizing an effective job search. A professional and experienced career counselor is available to meet with job seekers. Customers should call to schedule an appointment.

Open to all individuals.
Dane County Job Center Reception Desk (Select Option 2)
Dane County Job Center, 1819 Aberg Ave. Madison WI 53704

Dislocated Worker Program

Career and training services are available to individuals who have been laid-off from their employment due to plant closings or downsizing, foreign competition, economic downturn or other reasons not related to the person's job performance under WIOA Title I. Career services cover a broad range of activities, including initial and comprehensive assessment of skills, providing information about careers and the local labor market, job search assistance, development of an individual employment plan, career counseling, internships and work experiences linked to careers, financial literacy and more. Training services include occupational skills training, on-the-job training, incumbent worker training, transitional jobs, and adult education and literacy provided concurrently or in combination with other training services.

1. Must be eligible to work in the United States. 2. Must have registered for the Selective Service (males only) – go to to check a registration. 3. Must be currently receiving Unemployment Insurance OR. 4. Must have received notice of termination/layoff due to a permanent closure or substantial layoff. 5. General announcement of closure within 180 days (news release etc.).
Dane County locations include the Dane County Job Center, Madison College, Employment & Training Association

Division Of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

DVR provides individualized services to eligible consumers who need assistance to prepare for, to find and to keep employment. Examples of some services are: assessments, vocational counseling and guidance, assistive technology, job seeking and placement, and training

Individuals who have a physical or mental impairment that makes it difficult for them to get or keep a job, and who need services to prepare for work, or to find and keep a job.

FoodShare Employment & Training Program

An employment and training program designed to enable FoodShare recipients to receive case management services in order to move promptly into unsubsidized employment.

FoodShare recipients referred by DCDHS Economic Support Specialists to the FoodShare Employment & Training Program.

Greater Wisconsin Agency for Aging Resources

GWAAR supports older adults. The WISE program provides the opportunity for seniors to learn new skills, receive job counseling and assistance with their resume, and receive job placement assistance. Wisconsin Elder Abuse Hotline: 1-833-586-0107. Get information and assistance on issues related to adult guardianship, protective placement, advance directives, and more from the Wisconsin Guardianship Support Center (GSC) Toll Free Help Line: (855) 409-9410. More programs are listed on their web site.

Wisconsin residents 55 and older who meet income guidelines.
1414 MacArthur Rd., Suite A, Madison, WI 53714

Job Access Loans

Short term, no interest loans designed to assist with emergency vehicle repairs for employment purposes, as well as Driver's license fees and work clothing or uniforms.

Human Services Front Desk
Dane County Job Center 1819 Aberg Ave. Madison, WI 53704

Job Corps

Low income and/or disabled US citizens or legal residents between the ages of 16 and 24.

Open to all individuals and employers.
Dane County Job Center Reception Desk
Dane County Job Center, 1819 Aberg Ave. Madison WI 53704

Labor Market Information

Job seekers and employers may receive employment and unemployment data, occupational wage information, industry employment, manufacturing economic indicators, population data, and annual inflation rates.

Open to all individuals and employers.
Dane County Job Center
1819 Aberg Ave., Madison WI 53704

Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers Outreach

Migrant outreach workers are available to assist with employment applications, refer to specific employment opportunities, provide information on farm workers’ rights with respect to the terms and conditions of their employment, and refer to other organizations serving Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers (MSFW).

Open to all migrant and seasonal farm workers.
Dane County Job Center Reception Desk
1819 Aberg Ave. Madison WI 53704

State Job Listings & Tests

Open to all individuals.
Dane County Job Center
Dane County Job Center, 1819 Aberg Ave. Madison, WI 53704

Unemployment Benefits

Workers who have been laid-off due to no fault of their own, returning military veterans coming off active duty, or those with reduced hours may claim unemployment benefits. Customers who have quit, been fired or may have other eligibility issues can apply, but may be denied or need to appeal.

W-2 Program

W-2 recipients will receive intensive case management services toward the goal of gainful unsubsidized employment. Individuals can earn a W-2 payment through participation in agreed upon placements and activities such as job seeking skills workshops, job search, career exploration, job skills training, work experience, and subsidized employment.

Low income individuals who meet financial and non-financial eligibility criteria.
Benefits information
1819 Aberg Avenue, Madison, WI 53704

Wisconsin Senior Employment Program (WISE)

Low-income, unemployed individuals aged 55 years and older.

WorkSmart Network

The Workforce Innovation & Opportunities Act (WIOA) Adult Program is a program designed to aid eligible adults in returning to productive employment.  Services may include:

  • resume and cover letter assistance
  • job search assistance
  • career counseling
  • employability assessment
  • employability skills training
  • classroom training
  • supportive services

Low income adults, laid off and dislocated workers, and low income youth
Dane County Job Center, 1819 Aberg Ave. Madison, WI 53704