Laid-Off Workers

Dislocated Worker Program

Career and training services are available to individuals who have been laid-off from their employment due to plant closings or downsizing, foreign competition, economic downturn or other reasons not related to the person's job performance under WIOA Title I. Career services cover a broad range of activities, including initial and comprehensive assessment of skills, providing information about careers and the local labor market, job search assistance, development of an individual employment plan, career counseling, internships and work experiences linked to careers, financial literacy and more. Training services include occupational skills training, on-the-job training, incumbent worker training, transitional jobs, and adult education and literacy provided concurrently or in combination with other training services.

1. Must be eligible to work in the United States. 2. Must have registered for the Selective Service (males only) – go to to check a registration. 3. Must be currently receiving Unemployment Insurance OR. 4. Must have received notice of termination/layoff due to a permanent closure or substantial layoff. 5. General announcement of closure within 180 days (news release etc.).
Dane County locations include the Dane County Job Center, Madison College, Employment & Training Association