Legal Action of Wisconsin

Help for low-income people with services including: inaccurate criminal records, driver's license issues, child support issues, help for returning prisoners, eviction defense, family law, housing law, SSI or disability denials, and other legal issues. More details on their web site.

Open to all low-income individuals.
General number
Madison Office
744 Williamson Street, Suite 200, Madison, WI 53703

Neighborhood Law Clinic

The Neighborhood Law Clinic (NLC) provides a broad range of legal services including rental housing, employment, and public benefits law. Law students staff the community-based office at the UW South Madison Partnership space in the Villager Mall on Madison's South Side. They may be able to help you if...

  • Your employer hasn't paid you for hours that you worked
  • Your employer owes you overtime pay or didn't pay you the minimum wage
  • You've been denied SSI/SSDI benefits
  • Your landlord is trying to evict you
  • Your landlord illegally kept your security deposit
  • Your apartment has maintenance or repair issues that have not been resolved
  • Your Section 8 voucher is being terminated
  • You have been discriminated against in employment or housing

They CANNOT help with