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LIFT Dane News - March 2020
Although many of you may be reading this post from the comfort and safety of your home, LIFT Dane continues its work developing technology and providing services in our community. Here' are some updates on what we've been working on.
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Happy New Year From the LIFT Dane team!
As always, we appreciate your support of LIFT Dane as we work towards a more healthy and vibrant Dane County community.
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What LIFT Dane is Reading (And listening to!) - December 2019
In its newest episode, OFF-KILTER, the podcast from Center for American Progress, interviewed legal aid funding advocates Karen Lash and Maha Jweied to discuss how deeply connected civil justice is to solving everyday problems Americans face, like health care and housing.
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Alliant Energy Foundation Community Grant
LIFT Dane is proud to announce that it has received an Alliant Energy Foundation Community Grant of $7,500.
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